Software tool to calculate and generate cutting plans with optimum efficiency for materials such as metal profiles, beams, tubes, rods, rolls or any material which to manufacture it must be cut into pieces of smaller dimensions.
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Know the capabilities of this linear cutting optimizer.
Linear Cutting Optimiser

data that you want to submit for testing.  Only is restricted  the printing of results, but can review the printed images on screen.
1D-NEst ,  One Dimension Cutting Optimiser , is a simple, efficient and powerful tool to generate optimal cutting plans for industries like steel structure fabrication, aluminium manufacturing and many others that need to cut in shorter pieces "bars" of  raw material.

Easy operation
This is a very simple software, is designed to be operated by any kind of users.  An average user can put into production in minutes (usually in less than one hour) without an external instructor.  Simplicity,  user friendliness, real time response  an and clear reporting is our contribution to productivity.

This program is used in many types of  industries that make  processes of linear cutting.  With great versatility since it is easily adapted to work for its ease of using,  clarity of reporting,  interaction with spreadsheets or csv files  and because effectively solves optimization in a wide range of sizes and quantities .  Our customers use it in different kind of  manufacturings and  business areas like  sales, production or supervision.

It can handle critical data workloads to optimize large amounts of  different cuts and different sizes of  "input material"  in real time..

Thousands of users with licenses registered in more than 50 countries, this software is constantly reviewed and updated. Updates are free of charge to registered users of computer licenses.  A reliable software allows us to response promptly any technical queries by e-mail.

1D Solutions
1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer is Windows 10 compatible